Migration & Re-engineering

Businesses have been using technology for running their business for a considerable amount of time and have a multitude of legacy systems.

Constant up gradation of technology and newer technology landscape has ensured that to keep up with the advancements, legacy application migration is necessary to upgrade strategies and applications to keep up changes in technology and platforms that exist on client server applications.

Migrating legacy systems, applications and databases can be a complex and trouble-fraught process.

In many cases, the application migration would essentially mean shifting to the new technology / platforms in accordance to the new requirements and business scenario. The scope for re-engineering the application also comes into picture as the business processes and systems within the organization might have changed over period of time and new requirements would have poured in.

Our Services

Absolut Info Systems has the proven experience and expertise to smoothly manage your enterprise’s migration requirements.

  Web Enabled to make it e-business compliant
  Re-design the User Interface
  Migrating to different platform or new OS
  Database migration and conversion

Our Value Proposition

Absolut Info Systems excels is in application migration services. Our expert’s lies in knowing your application in its current form and then translating this into recent technologies like client server, object oriented and web enabled technologies.

  Proven experience and technology skills available and have a strong expertise of application migration to
   multiple technology platforms
  The right tools, methodologies and templates to create functionally-rich systems to meet existing and    future business demands
  Eased complexities and optimally quick migration and re-engineering of critical business applications

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