Open Source Application Implementation Services

Most line of business applications suffer from several costs. Packaged products can carry a large license cost with limited control on features and dependency on support and features from the product vendor. Custom built software can have long delivery timelines and carry dependencies on vendor capability and continuity.

Absolut Info Systems helps customers overcome both limitations by providing Implementation Services on best of breed Open Source Products and Application frameworks. Large and active open source communities in addition to continual enhancements and feature additions from the originators ably support these products and frameworks.

Absolut Info Systems extensively researches customer requirements to determine the best fit before proposing an Open Source platform to customers.

Our Capabilities:

Our technical excellence center located in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune has capabilities to execute projects on the following Open Source products:

  Content Management System
  Online Shopping Solution
  Portals - Enterprise Collaboration

Our Value Proposition:

  The right tools, methodologies and templates for your enterprise’s needs, combined with world-class
    knowledge and experience
  Increased flexibility
  Time and cost-effective customized applications that help organizations address functional gaps and     achieve  business goals effectively

Strategic alliances with leading technology players further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are steady, scalable, smart, and innovative and result oriented for your business.

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